Pro Makeup How To: Highlighting

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This covers the basics for highlighting for an every day look. This is not something that will look similar to Kim Kardashian, because no one needs that for an every day look, even her. This can be adjusted to fit your needs and you can do a stronger highlight or less of a highlight depending upon the look that you are going for! 




Pro Makeup How To: Foundation and Concealer

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Now that we have covered what I do for my skincare, I have posted a video showing how I do my foundation. 


You can go to the link HERE


If you want me to do any specific looks in a tutorial please feel free to ask. Please also feel free to share! 

First makeup tutorial video

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As a professional makeup artist, I decided to start my own tutorial videos. I decided to start with the basics… Skincare. 


If you have any looks you would like to see, please feel free to comment, and ask. Please share, as I would love to help as many people as possible. 


You can view my professional makeup page at


My first video tutorial from a professional makeup artist… Starts with your skincare! 

She is More

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I have the privilege of writing articles for a dear friend’s blog called She is More… I recently posted a Part 1 and a Part 2. I wanted to share it with my readers as well!! I hope you enjoy it!!


Have a wonderful Monday!!! 

Next big thing in social media?!?!?!

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I promise that this is not what I usually use this blog for… Which I need to start using regularly again, especially with all of the changes that I have been making, but tonight, I want to highlight on something I am really excited about!!! I have been asked to be a part of a ground breaking new social media platform. It combines Facebook, instagram, pinterest, etc and allows you to tag photos of products and earn a commission on the products you post. It literally brings the power back into the hands of the consumer instead of the hands of the large companies. It is built by people for people, and it will be growing and you want to get in at the ground level!!

Click below to learn more! Is Leaf it really that easy?

Leafit is the new Social Network where users can post pictures and…

<a href=””><img&gt;

If you are interested in joining this exciting social media movement, feel free to contact me and I can give you the steps to follow!! It is an invite only at this point and it is growing quickly, so jump on at the beginning and enjoy the benefits!!

Preliminary Test Results from Today’s OHSU appointment

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Today was a day filled with glorious things… Well, more like inglorious things… Such as… MRIs, Echocardiograms, vial and vials and vials of blood… 7 to be exact, my sister has a theory that my doctors are actually vampires, thus taking as much blood as they can, all the while holding them for “tests”. Anyways, it was a long day of testing….

Once you repeat the process of going through, essentially, the same appointments over and over, your doctors start explaining the protocol and then swiftly apologize for explaining something you have already heard 80 times before… But, I don’t mind it… It makes me feel like they are paying attention and when it comes to doctors, that is the feeling I would like to have while I am sitting in their chairs at the mercy of their needles.

I had my MRI with contrast on the 3rd floor, went up to have my normal doctor appointment on the 8th floor to have blood tests, went up to the 9th floor for my echocardiogram and then back to the 3rd floor to request that they put my 5 last MRIs on a disk.

While I was up with my doctor, we talked about my recent symptoms, how I have been having headaches again off and on, how my body doesn’t want to get back into the shape that it always was and I where I prefer it, how I am fatigued… Normal doctor conversations… These were promptly addressed and went something like this….

First, we looked at my MRI and it seems to be stable and unchanged from the last time I was there, the only difference was in the middle of my tumor there was a shadowy line, which my doctor told me, meant my tumor has been bleeding which is what has been causing my headaches. They don’t know why it bleeds or how to make it stop… I also have learned that if it bleeds enough, it can kill itself. It isn’t a comfortable process while it dies, but if that is what it took to get the tumor out of my head, I would so be down!!! So, if you all want to pray that my tumor bleeds and kills itself, that would be cool, and maybe that the symptoms wouldn’t be terrible if it follows that process. I also learned that I do not have to have another MRI for 2 years!!! This is a big deal, and has been unheard of until now!!! So excited!!

Second, we talked about the way my body is responding to eating well and working out and my frustrations. My doctor filled me in on some realities with how my body is functioning and how it may not do exactly what I want at the moment… This was NOT what I wanted to hear, but it is obviously a lesson I need to continue to learn on self love and self worth and learning where that comes from and identity in the midst of it all. So, I am going to try to love myself where I am at in the process and be proud of the work that I do even when I can’t necessarily get to where I want to be at the moment… But, I can work harder and hopefully outwork my body a bit… We shall see…

I got my echocardiogram back and it was normal, so nothing bad is going on with my heart. That is always a plus!! I have quite a bit of blood work to come back, but so far it is looking alright… I will let you all know if something comes back and it is bad, if you don’t see another update it is because all is well!!! So, here is to hoping you don’t hear from me on this any time soon!!

Also, in a couple weeks, I have to be back up here to go and see the ophthalmologist because my eyes have been giving me issues and I have to see if it is connected with my tumor… So, if you all could pray that it isn’t and it is just a fluke that would be great!!

Thank you all for the prayers and support… I can’t believe this journey started 7 years ago!! So much growth and learning and change has occurred, but God is so stinking good!! I love you all and am thankful for each and every one of you!!!

Take a good look in the mirror…

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Body image has been something that I have struggled with since my Junior year in high school when I was 5’7″ and 120 pounds. It all started on a volleyball team where everyone talked about calories… I never thought about my body before that, but once I listened to the comments of my teammates, some of whom were smaller than I was at the time, I took a little bit longer looking in the mirror and decided, if they think they have a problem… Then I must have a problem. I know, I know… SOOOOO RATIONAL!!! But honestly, that was how I thought. 

From that day forward I would work out harder and control my life in that way. Whenever something was going on and I didn’t know how to deal with my emotions or talk through a problem, I went to the gym and worked out. I buried issues and masked them with this newfound self hatred. Every time I looked in the mirror, I was dissatisfied with what looked back at me. I got to the point where I avoided mirrors all together, because why look at something that will just upset you? 

When I went to college my best friend and I played volleyball and worked out all the time… I mean, we played more volleyball than we went to class, ate or did just about anything else. We also had a cook in our house and so I reasoned within my own mind how I couldn’t eat the food he made because of my food allergies, after all, it was true… So, I decided to eat things like salad… Just salad… or carrots because they were available and gluten, dairy and nut free. Most kids go off to college and gain their freshman 15, but when I went off to college at 125 pound, I quickly lost 10-15 within the first semester. 

I was not doing well. I ended up coming back home after my second semester of college and I started working at Costco full time. Not too long after I came home, I ended up hurting myself on the job, tearing all the ligaments that connect my sternum to my ribcage. It was painful, it was not fun and it took me off my feet for 50 days… There goes my control of working out after an 8 hour cart shift. I could no longer control what my body looked like. I worked back into walking and then lifting little bits and then getting back to relatively normal. I had quit my job at Costco.

Not long after this, I started getting headaches… Really bad headaches…. Such bad headaches that I was placed on the couch for days… Well, those days turned into weeks and those weeks turned into months… 7 to be exact… Finally, some doctors figured out that I have a benign brain tumor… A pituitary adenoma to be exact…. And, it took my body out and for a joy ride… And, I got put on medication… Long story short… It took me out for about 3 years before I started to get back into “normal” land… Whatever that means… 

During that time, I could not work out, I could not drive, I could barely do anything besides walk up to use the bathroom… I mean, my mom got in the shower with me and washed my hair… Now, onto my point… I have always put so much pressure on myself to be this perfect toned version, and I have gotten to that point and been satisfied, but once life happens or my tumor messes with my hormones, I am back on the downhill pattern of thinking about myself and my body. 

I am challenging you and me… Especially me… To truly celebrate how hard you work… I am a fighter… There is no getting around this… I know deep down, that not being the perfectly toned version of myself does not make me less valuable. It does not make my friends like me less… It does not take away my worth. If a guy comes down to that being an issue for him, then he wasn’t for me anyways, and that is ok. I am putting myself out there saying I am going to strive to look in the mirror and see myself through the eyes of Jesus. I am going to stop the negative words from flowing out of my mouth and speak life over my body. It has been through a lot… It is still going through a lot and I am thankful that it has been working and fighting so hard. 

At the end of the day, I have an amazing family, amazing friends, an incredible Father and I love me… I just have to remind myself that I am loved. Because, perfect loves casts out fear… And fear and love can’t exist together, and I would much rather have love!!! 

For those of you who are visual… Below is my MRI scan… Where the cursor is, that is my tumor… I found it interesting when I first saw it… Perfectly spherical…